Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in Maldives

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Per the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, drug availability was first recorded in the s in the Maldives. Cannabis usage was noted among tourists, who may have introduced it to the country. Drug abuse is a complex and multifaceted problem facing the whole nation, cutting across all age groups and social strata. Hardly a community or a family is free from its harm- ful effects. In , a Rapid Situation Assessment (RSA) revealed the seriousness of the situation and prompted the elaboration of this national master plan for drug control. The changing nature of drug laws and drug law enforcement in Nigeria by Sam Obadiah Smah. Nigeria’s drug laws and policy: implications for drug abuse prevention and control by Etannibi E. O. Alemika. Social change, urbanization and drug use among Nigerian youth by Isidore S. Obot. Rapid situation assessment by Moruf Adelekan. 5.A Study on Assessment of Needs, Care in The Homes and Clinical Trends Among the Elderly in Kenya – A Rapid Situation Assessment. sity of Nairobi Economic-Social-Political Aspects of Illicit Drug use in Kenya. Kyanguli Secondary School Fie Tragedy, 25/26 March Machakos, Kenya. Abuse in Kenya Information, Needs.

When caring for a sick child, situations can go from urgent to emergent in a matter of seconds. Our new-and-improved online course — The Pediatric Crisis Certificate Course: Quick Assessment & Rapid Action — will guide you through practical strategies to recognize, manage, and even prevent common and emergent conditions with your young patients. "We were jolted into action by the Rapid Situation Assessment Report by the United Nations Drug Control Programme, UNDCP, conducted in conju Nigeria: Rivers Ranked Second in Drug Abuse - Research Consultant UNICEF July – December 6 months. Maldives. Conducting a Rapid Assessment Survey on the Drug Situation in the Maldives. My duties involved working closely with Title: Project Director - Child Drug . Drug abuse, the excessive, maladaptive, or addictive use of drugs for nonmedical purposes despite social, psychological, and physical problems that may arise from such substances include such agents as anabolic steroids, which are used by some athletes to accelerate muscular development and increase strength and which can cause heart disease, liver damage, and other physical.

Drug and substance abuse is not only a Kenyan problem but a global problem which is affecting mostly the youth both in school and out of school. This problem impacts negatively on the academic.   The Maldives is an archipelago known foremost for its pristine beaches, exclusive resorts, and a vacation hideaway for the super-rich. In development circles the country is better known as a laboratory for all things climate-change m and fishing have brought significant income inflows in the last 30 years, and the last decade has seen the aid sector pouring in substantial. 2. Rapid assessment in context: an expanded base for judging the methods The commentary derives almost exclusively from a review of one rapid assessment man-ual, the World Health Organisation () ‘Rapid Assessment and Response Guide on Injecting Drug Use’. The lack of coverage of other works and critiques creates a very lim-. Background. The aim of the study was to explore the epidemiology of drug abuse treatment in South s. Treatment demand statistics were analysed from South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and the South African Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use records, and a rapid situation assessment was conducted.

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With the assistance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) a Rapid Situation Assessment (RSA) of drug use was conducted to obtain information such as the prevalence of drug use, the types of drugs used and the social characteristics of drug users.

The results of this assessment are presented in this report. Get this from a library. Rapid situation assessment of drug abuse in Maldives. [United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.;].

Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in Maldives. Series: Social Policy Paper. 5 Dec Drug abuse has emerged only recently in the Republic of Maldives and is not widespread. Inthe government established the Narcotics Control Board (NCB) and a drug rehabilitation center to contain the drug problem.

To this effect the Narcotics Control Board (NCB) of Maldives, under the guidance of its advisory council took the initiative in conducting a Rapid Situation Assessment of the drug scenario in the Maldives such that the findings of the study would provide policy direction to address the issues of prevention and intervention and ultimately contribute towardsthe formulation and development of a national master plan.

Book PDF Available. must be used to understand the problems and enormity of drug abuse in Maldives and to a Rapid Situation Assessment (RSA) was conducted (FASHAN & NCB. Buy Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in Maldives: Social Policy Paper. 12 12 by Not Available (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book.

Get this from a library. Drug abuse rapid situation assessments and responses. [United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention.; United Nations International Drug Control Programme. Demand Reduction Section.;] -- An overview of basic principles underlying the rapid situation assessment methodology, introduces the methodology as a flexible and pragmatic approach for arriving at a.

The drug problem is one of the most alarming issues in the Maldives with a population of fewer than people out of which more than 45% are youth. According to the first National Drug Use Survey in the Maldives released inthere were an estimated 7, drug users in the Maldives.

(UNODCCP) guidelines on Drug Abuse Rapid Situation Assessments and Responses (, ISBN ), prepared by the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP), be considered by those responsible for undertaking and coordinating rapid situation assessments and by those involved in developing or implementing interventions.

the Rapid Situation Assessment on the Status of Drug and Substance Abuse in Kenya. This survey is a follow-up to the Rapid Situation Assessment carried out in the year The aim of the survey was to determine the current trends in alcohol and drug abuse to inform evidence-based interventions.

The report identified a number of measures to address the drug situation in the Maldives comprehensively. These measures include supply reduction through strengthened law enforcement, increased awareness activities in schools and communities and encouragement of drug users to access treatment services.

The Rapid Situation Assessment of drug abuse in the Maldives has shown that nearly 20% of drug users reported their primary reason for drug abuse as psychological problems. A survey carried out in by the MoH estimates prevalence of psychoses at 1%, neuroses as % and epilepsy as %. Of the cases referred to the Maldives’ Juvenile Justice Unit in43 percent were drug-related, 24 percent involved theft, and 22 percent were related to violent assault.

Gang violence is increasing in the capital city, and to mitigate such circumstances, local and national systems must be strengthened to prevent gang involvement and.

Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in Maldives InRapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in Maldives (p. 25). Male: Narcotics Control Board Republic of Maldives Press Release WOM/ (). 6 Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in the MaldivesNarcotics Control Board and UNDP 7 Maldives HIV and AIDS Programming Country ProfileUNICEF.

Maldives (MAAMV): Plan 4 late The reform programme was first announced by. Inthe Narcotics Control Board (NCB) conducted a rapid situation assessment of the drug scenario. Its findings showed that heroin and hashish were the most frequently used drugs. Drug-related ills, including gang violence, pose major social harmony and law enforcement challenges in the country.

Ndege, Peter, National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority, Kenya Background: This rapid assessment of drug and substance abuse sought to understand the nature, extent, and patterns of drug abuse in Kenya and its subsequent effect on the individual, family, and community at large.

Methods: A nationally representative sample size of 3, households was derived from all eight. The role of rapid assessment methods in drug use epidemiology.

Bul Narc. ; LIV– Rhodes T, Stimson G, Fitch C, Ball A, Renton A. Rapid assessment, injecting drug use, and public health.

Lancet. ; – doi: /S(98) Rhodes T, Fitch C, Stimson G, Kumar S. Rapid assessment in the drugs field. Rapid Situation Assessment of the Status of Drug and Substance Abuse in Kenya – Report of the National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Conference, JanA Report on the National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Workshop Mar A process and systems evaluation of the drug treatment and rehabilitation services in the Maldives South Asia: World Bank Rapid situation assessment of drug abuse in Maldives.

Drug Use: A UNDP rapid situation assessment of drug abuse in the Maldives revealed that drug abuse is on the increase in the country and is initiated at a young age.

Opioids, primarily brown sugar, hashish oil, and other cannabinoids, are the most frequently seized and most frequently abused drugs. 2/10/14 - A Rapid Situation Assessment of HIV/STI/TB and Drug Abuse among Prisoners in Uganda Prisons Service 2/10/14 - Diagnóstico rápido sobre HIV-Sida en los sistemas penitenciarios de Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala y República Dominica.

Rapid assessment is a practical public health tool for use in investigating problems in areas in which policymakers, planners, and practitioners need to make decisions in contexts of limited resources and in which conventional social science and public health assessment methods are inappropriate.

1 – 6 Rapid assessments have been used in fields as diverse as nutrition, 5, 7. Crime in the Maldives ranks from low to moderate, but crime rates in the country have increased significantly in recent years. Incidents of theft on beaches or in hotels do occur.

Although the crime rate in the nation is generally considered to be low or moderate, crime rates have been increasing dramatically over time. Juvenile delinquency is a growing problem in the Maldives.

During the recent 10 years, some indirect estimates have been made. In order to obtain a clearer view of substance abuse in the nation, the Iranian Welfare Organization in collaboration with the UNDCP1 office performed a rapid situation assessment (RSA) in a study from to The sample comprised of a total of 1, substance abusers.

those ≥31 years old tended to abuse alcohol A Maldives rapid situation assessment11 found among drug users that 97% were male, with a mean age of years.

Almost half of these respondents (47%) were Maldives were opioids (76%), cannabinoids (12%) and alcohol (9%). According to the Maldives Drug Control Master Plan -drug abuse is a complex and multifaceted problem facing the whole nation, cutting across all age groups and social strata.

Hardly a community or a family is free from its harmful effects. 22 NACADA, () ‘Rapid situation assessment of the status of drug and substance abuse in Kenya’ accessed on 8th September 23 African Union Commission has developed a continental minimum quality standards policy for drug abuse prevention and treatment, one of the tenets to strengthen cooperation and coordination in the fight against drugs.

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) involvement by adolescents is still a major public health issue in this country. 1 (1 In this chapter, adolescent is given the standard definition—12–18 years of age. This definition is appropriate given that most assessment measures are validated and standardized on teenagers in this age range.

Introduction Since s, urbanization rate in Male’, the capital city of Maldives, has been rapid, requiring the need to provide housing to the growing population of the city.

It has been reported that housing conditions in Male' and several islands are acutely inadequate as the existing housing market cannot meet the housing demand. Rapid Situation Assessment (RSA) of Drug Abuse in Iran (–).

Tehran: Prevention Department, State Welfare Organization, Ministry of Health, I. R. of Iran, and United Nations International Drug Control Program. Google Scholar.The assessment also benefited from consultations with international organisations present in Maldives such as UNICEF, UNDP, Handicap International, American Red Cross and British Red Cross.

I am grateful to Mr Paresh Tewary, Chief Executive Officer of Voluntary Action Network India (VANI) for .She was the national consultant and lead researcher of the Rapid Situation Assessment of Gangs in Male’ Asia Foundation Publication, ; ‘Prison Assessment and proposed Rehabilitation and Re-integration of offenders’, UNDP publication, Maldives ; Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug Abuse in Maldives, UNDP/FASHAN/NCB publication,